Linode VPS 4 hour Free Trial

I am really really not sure whether I should write this post.

Linode, which is one of the biggest VPS provider now start a promotion programme with 4 four FREE trial.
With this pic, you can see that the register information form has already been re-designed.


With this form, you can sign a free account to get four hour free Linode VPS trial time without ANY credit card information! No Visa/Master credit card verification required. No $1.00 credit card”test” fee. Just click the link in the confirm email, you get 4 hour free trial time. [Even no Verification Codes!!!]

Maybe this promotion method is super cost-effective for linode. However,as a paid user, I really wondered whether that kind of promotion method will benefit Linode’s business in long-run.
What will you do if you can easily get four hour trial VPS from Linode? As you can see, there is totally no restriction here. 100 trial VPS can be easily applied in a short period of time to start a DDoS attack. Significant numbers of IPv4 addr of Linode may be blocked for SPAM. So what next?
I use Linode’s service more than 2 years. If they want to provide something for free, it’s cool. You can always find Linode do something awesome, like: increse storage space for free , give $100 to the new customers , and reduce some fees to help VPN service providers . However, free trial without any payment information is not cool. It is an extremely radical marketing method for Linode.

Let’s see whether Linode will change the trial policy in the next few weeks.

If you still want to try Linode VPS for free, you can follow the link below:
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